Around the Horse Farm

The sign is gone and so are the horses, except for the one by the old house.  The first barn looked empty.  There was none of the horse paraphernalia around.  All I saw was one young barn cat.  She was all lovey.  At first I thought she was in heat, but then I realized that she was lonely.  She was used to having people around.  I probably could have taken her home, but if I went anywhere with her, it would have been to the vet for a thorough physical examination.  Even then I couldn’t bring her in my house until I knew the test results.  Walking around the barn, I worried about the fate of the barn cats.  There was another one sitting in the sun.  When I looked is the second barn, I saw the bicycle that belonged to the old caretaker.  I instantly felt better.  I had often seen him feeding the cats.  I felt that he would take care of them.  I headed on down the drive to sit by the river.

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