Sunday on the Nanticoke

I was heading down to Salisbury for knitting group when my daughter called.  They caught two full bushels of crabs and they were starting to steam them.   OMG!  OMG!  OMG!  I hadn’t had any this year so I was ready.  But the girls were expecting me.  That’s OK because they would be steaming for hours.  I stopped at Wal-Mart to get another cooler and more enormous Hefty bags.  I wished I hadn’t.  The place was a zoo.  It took me ten minutes just to find a parking spot.  This one is super-duper and only has six handicapped spots.  What’s up with that?  If she had called a half hour earlier, I would have gone to Seaford.  That one is only half the size and has a good fifty handicapped spots.   It makes no sense.  I wasted half an hour that should have taken ten.

I was about 30 minutes late to group.  I said I would be leaving at 4PM to go eat crabs in an effort to make everybody jealous.  We talked about some knitty problems and had a little show and tell(always fun).  Maria was late as usual and I helped her with her glove.  She sent me a picture this morning of the first finished one.  YEAH!   Around 3:45 I remembered I had six bags of yarn to get rid of in my van.  So out to the van we trooped.  We took it back in and dumped it on the floor for everyone to pick over.  I even had a bunch of old needles that I knew I would never use.  They took everything.  I am so happy!   The yarn got good homes.

I finally got out of there around 4:30 and headed on down the road.  I still had a good half hour of driving to go.  When I got there they were pigging out on hot crabs.  I joined in.  They still had about a hundred to cook.  Is there anything better than hot steamed crabs?  We all had about ten a piece.  There was also corn on the cob, green beans and hot dogs.  Everything was good.  Observe grandson, please. 


We sat and talked for a while and watched the sun set. 

Time for me to go home.

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