Getting Rid of Yarn

It was hard at first.  You look at a cone of thin purple yarn and think, “This would make a nice shawl.”   Do you really want a purple shawl when you’ve got skeins of knock-out beautiful Skacel lace-weight?  Into the bag it goes.  And what’s with this so-called mohair that says acrylic on the label.  Look at this shiny stuff!  What the h**l was I going to make with that?  In an hour, I had filled three bags.  And I haven’t even looked at a quarter of my stash.  So what am I going to do with it?  Yarn sale?  Nay.  It’s not worth the effort.  Do any of my friends want any of it?  Well.  Do you?

No.  I am not getting rid of this yarn.  This is some of what we bought at Frivolous Fibers on Tuesday.  I have a swift and ball winder so I wound them up for a friend.  The lime and the Noro should make a nice pair of mosaic socks with matching hat or gloves–or maybe mittens.

Here is the sock that I have been working on. They are both a wool and nylon which I like for socks.  It’s also good for gloves, especially the snug ones that I prefer.  The tan/brown is from Lang.  It’s almost lace-weight and has a nice halo.  The yellow/green/orange is from Enchanted Knoll Farm in Maine.  It is more tightly spun and a more standard sock weight.  I like the way the two colors play off each other.  I’m going to definitely try this again.  The pattern is simple.  Knit one row. Knit one, slip one on the next.  Alternate the colors and the slips and you get an interesting design.  The little pockets it creates will help keep Arizona feet from freezing in North Dakota.

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