Moving Stuff

Frank is coming sometime between the next week and the next month to move some walls.  So we have to move stuff.  Arg.  I need to move my fabric shelves into my yarn room.  I started clearing a wall for it so I dragged bags and boxes into our bedroom and dumped them on the bed.  I started bags for Goodwill, trash, and of coures, knitting group.  Doug was a good gopher and a lot of help.  We really got a lot accomplished.  I even have a nice poncho and scarf that I had made for a designer and some extra matching yarn.  I only wore it a couple of times.  It’s pink and gray–not to my liking.  As a matter of fact, I have several skeins from that person that I’m getting rid of.  After some thought, we decided to buy some more shelves to put in the yarn room.  That way we can remove the fabric from one shelf and take it directly to the other shelf.  You can never have enough shelves.  I hate the thought of all the mess, but we need to make this house more useful to us.  When everything is finished we will have two nice-sized bedrooms, each with it’s own nice bathroom and I’ll have all my own sewing/knitting room.  Yeah!

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