Knitting Backwards

Some call it “knitting back backwards”, but that’s more than I can stand.  If you like entrelac and/or hate to purl, it’s a great skill to know.  How do you do it?   Oh, man!  How do I explain it?  Hold your yarn in your right hand and knit a few stitches.  Closely watch what you are doing.  Now, try to knit in the opposite direction, from left to right, creating the exact same appearance.  This is how I taught myself to do it.  It took a while and a lot of patience, but that’s what I did.  This is not left hand knitting.  Those stitches turn the other way and you want your to be the same whether you are going to from right to left or left to right.  Keep at it untill all your stitches look the same. 

 Pretty soon, you’ll be turning out entrelac sweaters, scarves, hats and even socks.  I’ve been thinking about entrelac gloves.  But I still want to start with a ribbed wristband.  Here is some inspiration.

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  1. Betty Says:

    That is a pretty good explanation – I am going to give it a try on some practice yarn.

    I want to thank you again for helping me with my shawl. I truly appreciate your help and I learned how to pick up a dropped stitch!!! Now I am hoping I will remember……Hee-hee!!!!

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