It’s not spoken here.  I am so sick of the back stabbing and mud slinging.  I do vote, except for that time I was in the throes of a really violent period.  You know what I mean.  You sit in the bathtub and cry for two days.  Anyway, I find myself voting against the last several years, rather than for.

This just came from Red Bird in Toronto. They have great patterns.  I had totally forgotten about them.  I used to get stuff from them years ago.  They are in my favorites on my old computer at my old house.  I wonder if my sons has gotten the designs off the old one for me yet? 

This club comes four times a year also so that makes eight pairs a year.  If I keep both clubs, I will probably have another sock giveaway.  I assume that you have noticed that it is two colors?  And didn’t I say I wanted to make something with just one color?   Well, I just can’t help myself.  Look at that pattern! Look at those colors!  Need I say more?

The idiot on the point is trying to save his land and has hired some hoodles to do it.  The job they are doing is so poor, it’s laughable.  That bulkhead is older than the one we had replaced before we even moved here.  It needs to be removed and a whole new one put in its place.  All they are doing is driving some posts into the muck.  Water has been seeping up under it for years.  You can’t even walk around there after  a rain.  But, what do I know?

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3 Responses to “Politics”

  1. Janice Says:

    I love those socks!
    So I never replied to your comments on my blog, I’m lame. The weather just turned last week from warm to stormy. It rained for Halloween.
    And yes, you could have gone to the blog party if you still lived in Martinez. Your blog name would obviously be different, how about “Along a Canal in Crazy Beavertown, California”?

  2. nancy Says:

    Oh, I love those socks!! They are so neat! I agree with the election. I’m sick and tired of all of the mudslinging etc. It amazes me how low and dirty it can get!

    I like the flowers too!

  3. Christine Says:

    I feel sorry for you guys. It takes months to get down to the election. That gives those guys way too long to cause trouble for each other and annoy everybody to death. We go to vote three weeks after the election is called. Short and sweet.

    I love those socks. Makes me want to knit a pair! I am a sweater addict so usually all my efforts go into sweaters.

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