Steamed Shrimp

I went through stuff today and threw things out.  Some things you just have to do alone.  Doug would have to go through every little thing first.  There has been a box on the floor of the linen closet for about twenty years that Doug keeps meaning to go through.  I decided that he didn’t really need anything in it and threw the whole box out.

We went to my daughter’s home for supper.  She had steamed shrimp and hot dogs.  Her mother-in-law brought a cake.  I would have preferred that she had not come.  There were things that I wanted to discuss with Jenn, but this woman has her own opinion about everything.  I can’t talk around her.

I may stay until Tuesday.  Win is off on that day and he can do some physical stuff for me.  I also want to look for a table.  There’s a store nearby that’s going out of business so I think I’ll have a look.  There’s a Disney store there also.  Maybe I’ll find something to lift my spirits.

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  1. Christine Says:

    I am married to a pack rat. Sometimes I toss his stuff when he is not looking. Sometimes that comes back to bite me but usually he never knows. LOL

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