Dr Pepper, What Happened?

Has it changed?  Or is it me?  I used to like Dr Pepper.  I’d get it when we stopped for fast food.  Since I retired, I have plenty of time to cook so I hadn’t tasted it much in the last few years.  A few weeks ago, we were out doing errands and I was rather tired so I stopped for burgers and I got Dr Pepper.  It seemed weak, but I thought it was from all the ice.  The other day, Doug picked up a case of Dr Pepper at the supermarket.  He has always been a Dr Pepper fan.  He said to try some.  Even straight from the can, it did not have the burst of flavor that I have come to expect.  It’s kind of—–boring.  What happened?

Be sure to get my good side.

Be sure to get my good side.

I decided to work on my quilt this afternoon.  I needed to lay it out on the floor so I folded up my cutting table so I would have plenty of room and light.  Zip took this as a sign for a photo op so here you are.  Maude could have cared less.






I forgot to take pictures of my gloves, not that I have gotten that much done on them anyway.

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  1. Christine Says:

    You are looking good Zip. I used to love Dr. Pepper too. All pop tastes like mold to me now. Sigh… I couldn’t tell you if they changed the recipe or not but they may have.

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