Two Lifetimes Ago

I lived in Martinez, CA.  It was a nice friendly little town.  I liked living there.  What I didn’t like was my husband.  He made me crazy.  So I took my two babies and came back to Baltimore.  I went back once when my mother-in-law was dying of cancer.  She told me I did the right thing.  Her son was stupid.  She made me feel so much better.  I still think about her.  She was always so nice to me.  I was happy that she got a chance to see her grandchildren again. 

Sometimes, I think about the old couple who lived down the lane from us.  You could not see the house unless you were standing out front.  Mr had the whole yard planted with all kinds of vegetables and herbs and flowers.  My back yard was planted with corn.  Every morning, there would be a bucket of fresh vegetables on my porch.  He took me around his yard and showed my where onions, garlic, peppers, herbs, etc,  were stored.  When I could I would go visit Mrs.  I’d cut through the side yard trying not to step on anything including Mr who took his siesta on the ground.  Mrs was in a wheelchair.  She never told me why and I never asked.  The house had no steps and all the doorways were wide.  She said Mr built it that way for her.  She would fix iced tea and usually had homemade cookies and I would talk about the babies.  I really liked her.  But the most memorable thing about her were her dogs.  She had six or eight chihuahuas.  They were hard to count and they were all the same honey color.  And they were all very well trained.  They did all kinds of things, not just tricks.  They were helpful.   They were fascinating.


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  1. Sara Says:


  2. Christine Says:

    What a neat memory. I can almost picture it.

  3. Janice Says:

    Ah, I wondered where you had lived here. We go to Martinez every now and then, good train and bird watching. Have you heard all the hub-bub about the beavers?

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