New Hat

We went tonight instead of tomorrow so I wore my flag shirt anyway.  I also wore my new red capris which are a size smaller, thank you very much.  I almost bought my jeans shorts a size smaller, but I do a lot of walking around in them and they need to be washed a few times.  I can still take them in if necessary.  But not until I finish my quilt.  Unless I really start hating it, I finish what I start and other stuff just has to wait.  I love seeing the finished product and pray that it looks like the idea I had in my head. 

No sewing was done today.  I had to bathe and wash my hair and make blueberry cake.  I swear it gets better every time I make it.  It’s so nice to have the time to experiment.  I wasn’t too happy with the strawberry banana muffins, but I have some more ideas.   

I’m not real happy with the pattern of my new socks and I have changed a few things to make it knit faster.   The pattern is so hard to see that it doesn’t matter.  The yarn is wonderful.  I”m thinking about going to a size smaller needle when I get to the ankle.  I may also loose a few socks


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