Independence Day

We are having quite a thunderstorm.  I think every town in the area is having fireworks.  There has been a lot of thunder and lightening, but when it settles down the fireworks start.  Poor Gus is very upset.  He doesn’t know what is going on.  He runs back and forth between Doug and me and whimpers.  Maude is out.  She’ll show up later as dry as if the sun were out.  Is this storm why I am so listless today?  I didn’t have much of a walk this morning and I’ve been aching all day.  It was nice enough during the day to sit out on the deck and knit.  I am almost to the heel on my socks.    I did about three rows on the sweater.  The blueberry cake was a success.  When I was beating the egg whites, I forgot about them.  When I came back, they were so stiff when I lifted the beaters, the eggs came up too in one big lump.  It took forever to fold them into the batter.  It was the best cake ever.   Well.  I’m tired.   I’m going to bed.  Come on, Zip.  Zip!!



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  1. Christine Says:

    Roscoe hates fireworks and thunder storms. He is an eighty pound chicken. I don’t know how many times he has woke me up in the night because of a firecracker or thunder. He climbs up on the bed and tries to borough under me or John.

    Zip looks done. You probably will have to cary him to bed.

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