Other Side

Hello Bill,

How are you hoping feeling fine and contented try hard and do the best you can to get some where.

Have often thought of you with the best of thoughts am feeling better again and back to work Uncle Bill said hello also and wants your address so I am going to give it to him and he is going to write also.

Now Bill if there is something you want and long for just write and we will try to get it to you don’t be afraid to ask us we want to do everything we can for you you aught to know that by now.

Saw Ed last night and he sends his best regards to you. Tante Amiala Ervin and Uncle Harry also said hello and is going to write to you every body asks for you so see every body think of you.

so take care Bill and write soon.

With lots &lots of love and kisses

Yours true




One Response to “Other Side”

  1. Christine Says:

    One of our favorite restaurants is called Tante Maria’s. They have great German cooking.

    It must have been awful to have your son overseas. It still must be awful. My heart goes out to this mother.

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