The Letters

When my mother went into a nursing home, we started to clear out her house. I found several letters and post cards from Daddy and a few others. I thought that they should read by everyone and my blog seems as good a place as any. Many are hard to read. I typed them exactly the way they were written. I kept wanting to correct spelling and grammar, but I made it through them.

The first was written by Daddy when he was eleven. The second was probably one or two years later. The writing is more fluid and he signed it Bill rather than Little Billy. In the summer, he went to live with his Mother’s friend, Mrs. Schiebel, on a farm near Hanover, PA. I think they had four sons and I believe that some or all were adopted. Daddy took us up there several times when we were kids. As an adult, I have gone past the road leading down to the farm, but I have never turned down to look for the little house and barns. I am afraid that it is all gone and I don’t want to ruin that happy memory.

The last two letters were written by my Grandparents to Daddy. He was stationed in Georgia at the time. It would be several months before he went over seas. Except for a few pictures, this is all I have from them. Every time I read them, I feel like   to know them a little better. My Grandmother died before I was born and I was only three when my Grandfather died. I was told that my Grandmother had a German accent even though she was born here. Her father sent her and her sister back to Germany for their education.

I am not sure who Ed is. He may be one of Mrs. Schiebel’s sons or he may be the uncle that was killed in the war. Dorothy was my mother. Ruth was Daddy’s sister and Gus was her husband. Some day, I will have to tell you about Aunt Ruth and Uncle Gus. They were fun.


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  1. Christine Says:

    Those are very precious letters. They take you back in time. It was such a different world in so many ways. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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