Baltimore Dec 26 1943

Dear Bill,

Well Christmas is over and all missed you, but remember you are in the service of which you can feel proud of, as any and all effort by you and your fellow companions will bring again the day when we will be free to do the things our minds dictate.

Billy was very happy, loved his stocking with candy and cookies most. His intrist in the present for others, were, very enthsiastic to him, helping to unwrap the packages. He is spending a few days with his grandmother, but will be home tomorrow night.

Dorothy also had a nice Christmas as well as Ruth, your Mother and myself. Yet would have been better with you and Gus here also.

Tomorrow I shall go into town again and have some more interviews, it is a good feeling when you has your friends pulling for you and helping to make it possible to work in best possible conditions.

Well, these few lines are just an introduction to my letter writing to you, Tell me how you feel, what are your problems, and anything that may be on your mind, tell me. Always remember that while in the army your superiors are allways right no matter what you think.

Well, make good and with best luck and wishes, I am, Your Father Wm. H. Beck



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  1. Christine Says:

    Interesting…now Bill is off to war. Who is this family? Are they grandparents? Uncles? I had uncles who were in the war and one of my aunts was a war bride.

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