Two Letters

                                                                                                                                          Hanover, PA

                                                                                                                                          August 22, 1929

Dear Ma,

       I haven’t got sick yet. For I am busy all day bringing the cows in, packing hay, pumping water and other things. We almost caught a mice packing the hay. Last night we slept out in the tent, it was allright because the stars were shining. Ted was sleeping on our feet. We’re going to the State and see Abie’s Irish Rose. Tell Pa to save the baseball section of the paper.


                                                                                          Little Billy



                                                                                                                                        Hanover, PA

Dear Ma,

        I am feeling fine, only something bit me on the ear. I slept out every night except Sunday night. Ed and me are going to the ball game this afternoon. Yesterday we had some company. We play a game with them and defeated them 40 to 15. A little chick drowned in a bucket of water. Haven’t been in swimming yet. Hope everything is alright.




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  1. Christine Says:

    1929? OK now I am really curious. Who is little Billy and who is Ed and who is the ma? Is Ted the dog? Seems to me there is a story here so I need to know “The rest of the story” You are killing me!

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