Another Reason to Knit

My brother called on my birthday.  My nephew and his wife’s baby was born the day before.  Drat!  He missed by one day.  I’m so very happy for the new parents and grandparents.  They have been waiting so long.  Now, I can make a proper label for his quilt.  And knit lots of stuff, of course.

  Baby socks from leftovers.  They probably won’t stay on his feet because it is silk and bamboo yarn.

  A boldly striped sweater that won’t fit until he’s two.  He will, however, be easy to find.

A don’t have much in the way of baby patterns, so I’ve been pouring through my books and magazines.  I can’t find what I have in mind, which doesn’t surprise me.  I may have to wing it, but some guidelines would be helpful.


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3 Responses to “Another Reason to Knit”

  1. saltwaterhillknits Says:

    Baby knits are such fun, in part because you can finish them pretty quickly (emphasis on “pretty”). Here are some patterns, all on Ravelry, that I’ve made and liked:
    spring into summer romper:
    gidday baby sweater:
    baby steps cardigan:

  2. salpal1 Says:

    Hop onto Ravelry, they have everything and much is free

  3. frivolousfluffy Says:

    I thought I had answered. Maybe I hit the wrong button. I’ve been through Ravelry, too. I finally found something in The Knitter.

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