I Should Sew, But I Just Did My Nails

And, No, I’m not going to show you.  You see I had kitten help and now, they need some work.

My WIPs:

014  Raincoat.  I thought attaching the hood was bad, but the sleeve caps were worse.

007  Cardigan.  I’m ready to start the sleeves.

001  Gloves.  I’ll probably make the other three fingers orange and black.

I still need to make my little wall hanging for November and a friend needs a new pair of gloves for work.  I’ve got some stash diving to do.  Nails are dry.  Back to the raincoat.







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  1. Andrea @ This Knitted Life Says:

    I always want to do my nail but don’t want to take time off from knitting to let them dry!

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