Hallowe’en Costumes

Just when I thought that I would never have to make another Hallowe’en costume, along comes my grandson.  He’s in college.  He’s twenty.  It’s not something I expected.  But, he’s full of ideas.  I wonder where he gets that from?  He wants it for a party.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he doesn’t dress up first thing in the morning and wear it to class.  He’s that kind of kid.  One year he  got a McDonald’s uniform and went to school as McZombie.  He even had a name tag.

This year, it’s Scarecrow from Batman, the super scary one in the video games.

IMG_0574    sukoshicon_destin___batman__scarecrow_by_fenyxdesign-d4m0t0i

I found these pictures on-line.  See what I mean?

He has already made the thing for his hand.  My daughter says he did a great job.  She borrowed my glass head to make the canvas face.  I was asked to make the pants and hood.  My machine can handle pleather and faux suede more easily than hers.  I’m also better at improvising.  She likes patterns with nice directions–a ‘in the box’ sort of person.  Which is fine.  She gets things done.  She can keep the rest of us from running amuck.  And she promised to take lots of pictures.


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