I Have Finished the Mending

Mending is such a pain.  Some of that stuff has been waiting for close to a year.  It is so boring.  My creative side wanted to throw it all in the creek.  I can’t help it.  I get these urges.  But the frugal side won out.  I mean.  That would be so wasteful.  And it took forever.  I would do everything but that for weeks.  I would make up reasons in my head for making something.   It was awful.  Luckily, there is always knitting.  But I won.

fix shirt 004  This is an extremely comfy oversized knit top.  I liked it so much I embroidered hearts on it.  How could I possibly get rid of it?  But it got to be over-oversized.  It was kind of ridiculous looking.  See that seam next to the hearts?  I did that.  I took out four inches through the body.  Now it is back to just oversized.  I’m happy.

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