Trying Knitting

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing of late. Knitting—- not so much. I now realize that I will not be able to finish the quilt in time. But I still have this urgency within me. I am running low on fusible paper and I have decided on the border color. According to my gut, I must go shopping! NOW!! So, of course, something has come up every day this week to keep from going. My insides are going crazy. And I think I have managed to give myself a cold. So I’m popping one of those zinc lozenges every three hours. They are so gross!

Then there’s the knitting.  I  love knitting.  I get so much satisfaction from seeing a completed article.  I never have more than two projects going.  You know.  One that fits in your purse or a small bag and one that can only be worked at home.  Currently, I have FOUR things on needles and I am about to start on a fifth.  How the h**l did this happen?

P1050678  Silk shawl.  Half finished.  I was so bored that I had to stop.

P1050656  Socks.  Unusual construction.  But I can’t memorize the patterns.  Not a good carry around project.

Next was a small square for an ongoing afghan.  No picture.  It’s a surprise for someone.  It only took two hours.

P1050674  Scarf.  I bought this from Stacy.  It glistens and has charms.  A nice simple scarf?  No way.  I had to pick a SIXTEEN row pattern that, again, I have not managed to memorize.  Just when I think that I’ve got it, I find myself going the wrong way.  Hear that?  That’s me beating my head against the wall.

P1050684  It’s been sweater weather this week.  I got out my new sweater.  The sleeves are too short.  This is what happens when you try something on without wearing the correct undergarments.  By this I mean a long sleeve knit (or two) instead of a sleeveless top.  Luckily, I have most of a skein left.  I also plan to make the sleeve more narrow to help keep the warmth in.  A sweater is no good if it dosen’t cover those pulse points.

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