Dreary Cloudy Raw Day

Am I getting a cold?  Or has this weather just put me in a dismal mood.  We went for a walk.  We went to the market.  All I wanted to do was stay home and put my feet up.  I even thought about taking a nap.  Sweetums naps every day.  I tried it.  All I did was stare at the ceiling. 

Ever try those zinc lozenges?  They taste awful.  And they kill your taste buds for hours.  Nothing tastes right.  You might as well eat dirt.  Don’t waste your time eating anything good.  You know, those things would make good appetite suppressors.  The food looks good, smells good.  Take a bite and the zinc makes it taste so awful that you may never eat it again.  Now there’s a thought.

Oh, yea.  Happy new year.

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