My Toes Hurt

It was overcast and only 70 degrees when we went out this morning.  It was sunny and 90 two days ago.  Instead of trying to avoid as much sun as possible, we walked around the defunct horse farm.  They keep it mowed so it was an easy walk.  We walked down the side drive, then over to the track.  There are weeds now and grass is trying to sneak in.  We took the long way around and came through the barns on the way back.  It was so enjoyable to walk at a good pace without sweating.  The bushes around the pond have really grown.  Sweetums mentioned that there were  fewer geese than in the past.  I wonder why.  Maybe next time, I’ll check for fresh fox holes.  When we got back, I had my usual aches and pains.  But it’s hours later now and my toes still hurt.  It’s so weird.

I’ve made good progress on my shawl.  Sometimes I get a little lost and have to backtrack.  I keep losing yarn overs and trying to pick them back up when I purl back can be aggravating.  There have also been times when my end of the row and the directions end of the row did not coincide.  So I just fudge it.  It is one of the joys of using variegated yarn.  I do have one obvious hole that I have no idea how it happened.  I haven’t decided if I will fix it yet.

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