New Feet

No. Not me.  Although, I have mentioned to break my little toes a few times, they still work well.  I’d say my hands and feet are the only things that still work well on me.  If anything ever happened to my hands and I couldn’t knit or sew, do the humane thing and just take me out and shoot me.  Please.

It’s my cutting table.  I have one of those cheap folding kind with rollers that wear out quickly.  I could get one of those fancy expensive ones, but they don’t fold up and move easily.  This one I can stick in a corner and I can move it around without any help.  I think that we can all agree that I am a bit independent.  But that’s why Sweetums loves me. 

And this is why I love Sweetums.  The new leg fits over the old and the caps slide easily over the floor.  I’m so happy!

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