I Still Can’t Find Anything

We’ve been going out for supper the last three days and I’m hoping we won’t need to today.  I thought about putting something in the microwave, but Sweetums said, “Let’s just get a burger.”  I guess a microwave meal didn’t appeal to him either. 

Frank cut off the peninsula next to the stove.  It’s surprising how much that opened the room.  The floor should be finished today.  Well, it’s not really finished.  Another section still needs work.  The current stove goes and the new floor needs to be extended, hopefully, to the back door.  I always thought carpeting there was stupid. 

We are going to get a dual fuel range.  I really miss cooking with gas and an electric oven cooks so evenly.  I’m so glad we didn’t have a granite top on the side cabinets.  It sawed in half very nicely to make room for the new range.  Flo, as usual, has been helping.

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