Purls and Janet’s Cafe Onancock VA

We hadn’t been to Purls for about a year and a half.  I liked it then.   I like it even more now.  They carry a variety of good quality yarns.  The staff is fun, caring and very helpful.  We stayed for almost three hours and had a great time.  I have been to enough shops where the owner only carried what she liked and was not really interested in your desires. 

We had a very nice lunch at Janet’s Cafe.  They are open for breakfast and lunch until 2PM.  Janet seemed unconcerned that we came in at 1:30.  I saw several things on the menu that looked good, but one member of my group didn’t see anything.  Everything is made fresh and nothing is fried.  Also, I don’t think there was any beef  which is fine with me.  After Janet related the specials, two out of three wanted to stay.  That one was able to order an omelet.  My other friend got a wonderful chicken cranberry walnut salad with lettuce and fresh fruits and a very tasty house dressing.  I opted for creamy chicken noodle soup with vegetables and a half tuna sandwich.  It also came with really good cole slaw.  I ate every bit and had two cups of very good coffee.  Of course, I was very hungry.  I only had a banana for breakfast.  Even including a tip, I spent less than ten dollars.

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