Is Downsizing Part of Organizing?

I hope so because I promised myself I’d work on organization once a day.  Today I put 36 necklaces in the Good Will bag.  I still have about 15 that are too nice to donate.  I’ll sell most of them.  I still have bracelets, earrings and pins to go through.  I wear a pin everyday so I’ll be keeping most of them.  And they are where the real value is.  Sometimes I think about what will happen to it all after I die.  We threw so much junk out when my mother died.  I don’t want my children to have to do that.  Is this my occupation for the rest of my life?  It’s a scary thought.  You know.  This is bullcrap.  How did I get on this line of thought?  I’ll probably have as much junk as my mother when I die.  Why should I care?   I’ll be dead.  Tomorrow. I’m going down to Onancock with my crazy, silly girlfriends.  And, you what?  I’ll get something that I don’t need.  Does it really matter?  What matters is we’ll all have a good time.

It was great seeing this in use.  I did the embroidery a few years ago.

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