Cotton Briefs

Here we have three pairs of cotton briefs–all the same size.  You will observe that the crotch in the middle is much more narrow than the other two.  Do you have any idea how uncomfortable that is?  In case you are wondering if they may be a store brand, there are not.  They are Haines for crying out loud!  The ones on the right are JMS which is part of Haines.  Does this make sense?  Oh.  And they are also longer, almost too long in fact.  Now.  I am not tall, but my torso is.  My pelvis is wide, hence the desire for a wider crotch.  Yeah.  I’m built like an old world peasant, but I’ll bet I’m a lot better at natural childbirth than you are.  At least, I’ve got something going for me.  Anyway, where was I?  BACK TO PANTIES.  I just don’t understand.  Why the difference?  Thank heavens for Fruit of the Loom.  They fit just right!  Thanks Fruit of the Loom guys.  And what about my Haines and JMS panties?  They are ALL in the Goodwill bag.  I did throw two pairs, but the others I had only worn once.

We got a new RED coffee pot.  The one we had a very small area to pour in the water which made neat pouring practically impossible.  And it was on the right which made pouring almost impossible for me and as much water wound up on the counter as in the pot.  It also had too many doo dads.  This one has a large opening, one on/off switch and it’s RED.  Have I mentioned that my favorite color is RED?  Or have you all ready figured that out yet?  How can I go wrong with a coffeepot that matches my glasses?

In other news, I’m going to Bismarck, ND later next month.  I am having a helluva(great word!) time picking a flight.  It’s a real pain.  When I had to travel for work, there was this guy that we called.  I’d tell him where and when I was going and if I needed a car.  He would call back with the conformation and send me authorization.  It was great.  Now, I’ve got all this other crap to deal with.  It does not seem to matter which website you use.  They all seem to have the same price and the same information. 

And now Sweetums keeps telling me to go on Thursday and return Tuesday.  He says I shouldn’t wear out my welcome.  The way I look at it is I would only have three days to enjoy myself.  Two days would be for travel, one day to unpack and re-pack, one day to unwind.  The way we chat on the phone, I really don’t think I’ll ‘wear out my welcome’.  This is someplace that I have never been before.  I’d like to have enough time to look around.

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  1. Betty Says:

    OMG – I was laughing so hard about the panties.

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