Acorn Club

Who are these people and why do they keep sending me my husband phone books?  It says, “Prepared Under The Sponsorship Of  The Acorn Club, Inc. A Member Of The General Federation Of Women’s Clubs”.  Women’s Clubs??  Then, why is my husband listed and not me?  Go look me up in the regular phone book.  There I am.  It’s the least they can do.  I pay the frigging bill.  But, then again, as my mother used to say to me, “I was JUST the girl”.  So now, I guess I am JUST the woman–according to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.  They certainly are not going to find me darkening their doorstep.  I’ll just go over here and sit in the corner and knit socks and hope no one notices me.  Yeah.  Right.  Like that’s going to happen.

PS.  Over five years ago, the Powers That Be changed all the house numbers.  Our old house number is shown, whereas every neighbor that I searched has the correct number.  Why is that?  Is it because they made a “donation” and we didn’t?  I won’t say anymore.

Since we have to have a picture, here’s my new glasses.  Don’t you just love red?  I would have included a picture of me wearing them, but I was exceedingly ugly that day.

For those of you searching for knitting content, I spent two days trying to decide what kind of socks to make my girlfriend.  First there was the yarn problem and then there was the design problem.  More on that later.  Time to make dinner.

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