Too Hot to Knit

So I sewed.  I pulled out fabric for a nightie and placements, but I had mending to do.  I had a small hole in an old, but favorite summer shirt and my Pocahontas denim shirt needed an elbow patch.  My machine  has three darning stitches which I love.  The patch really looks good.  I decided to make two patches and put some embroidery on each.  I didn’t have anything that I liked so I used Pumba from Lion King.  I should have worked on it more because i had a lot of unnecessary jump stitches.  It hung up a couple of times, but the results were good.  Now, I have to decide on want to put on the other patch.

Last night, I called Doug when I reached the halfway point on the way home.  he wanted me to stop and get subs.  I told him I was bringing ham salad, chicken salad, macaroni salad, broccoli and cauliflower salad, Muenster cheese, swiss cheese, dried beef, and cheese bread.  He still wanted subs.  You never know.

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