Another Top

I hope that I am not boring you with the sewing, but I am trying to accomplish something.  After my dissatisfaction with the way that 2009 went, I am now trying to make up for it by completing projects.  Projects can be anything from a single piece of fabric to twenty skeins of yarn bought specifically for a sweater.   This will, however, be my last knitted item.  I am really getting tired of chasing around knits that refuse to hold still and will be working with nice, quiet, woven cottons for a while.  I  was thinking about making a Pointy Kitty if I can find the pattern again.  I think I saved it somewhere.  I really like having a computer to keep ‘stuff’, but I have been known to spend an afternoon looking through folders for the right file.  It is a continuing saga of trying to drive myself crazy.  After all, who knows better how to do it than me?

Flo praying before the Straching Post God

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