Well, I’m Bummed

Is that a word?  Oh, who cares.  It suits.  I went to the urologist this morning.  While I was away, they called to change my appointment to AN HOUR earlier so I wasn’t happy anyway.  The doctor probably had plans for the weekend.  After a forty minute drive and having to wait, (at least I had my knitting), I was told that surgery wouldn’t help.  He could have done that on the phone.  He talked about physical theory, but only a few places did it so another forty minute drive each way.  He was pushing to try something that involved me coming every week (for the rest of my life?), but most insurance companies don’t cover it.  It seems it only has a less than fifty percent success rate.  Why bother.   And I’m not taking those stupid pills either.

Happy thoughts!  Happy thoughts!

So I went and got a haircut.  It looks good.  It’s only down to my chin.  It was entirely too long.  Long is fine in the summer when it’s hot and I can wear it up.  But when it’s cold and takes forever to dry, (I don’t have time for a blow dryer) it’s has to come off.  If I weren’t so ugly, I’d take my picture.  It looks that good.

I’ve started te first sleeve on the baby kimono.  I just noticed that you can see the increases after the seed stitch cuff.  Bummer.  What did I do?  I’m not going to worry about it.  The mother will never notice.  It is so cute!  Don’t you think?

I like the way it crosses over in the front, but I am not looking forward to sewing on the snaps.  I’ll have to think about it.  I need to take a better picture.  You can’t see the colors here—— lime, blue, pink, aqua and cream. 

Miss Linda just called.  She wants to go to Pizza King for hot sandwiches.  It sounds like comfort food to me.  I can handle that.

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  1. Christine Says:

    Very nice baby kimono! Bummer about the doctor stuff. I seem to remember seeing a picture of you way back when I first ran into you at NaBloPoMo and I sure do not remember ever thing that you were in the slightest bit ugly except that maybe you only showed the back of your head come to think about it. LOL Gosh…you can not possibly be uglier than me. Hey, I have one up on you. I am fat as well. Hahahaha!

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