New Faucet

My husband bought this faucet on-line about a year and a half ago.  About one year ago he promised he would install it while I was away.  About once a month, I remind him that it is still laying on the living room floor in its box.  What was his problem?  He was afraid he’d screw it up.  I reminded him that he can afford to have a plumber do it and that there is a decent one in town.  Well….  He called him on Monday and today we have a new faucet!  Yea!!


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  1. Christine Says:

    That looks fantastic. I have a new one waiting for the bathroom sink. I will have my plumber put it in when he comes to put in the new furnace and bathtub sometime in the new year. He is busy so I have to wait until then. I hope my furnace decides to wait too. Fingers are crossed.

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