I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it on the day before Thanksgiving, so i did it today.  I puttered around the house for a while, and even ironed a shirt for my son.  I finally went out around noon.  My first stop was the Joanne’s where I bought Christmas decorations and a magazine.  If I remember, I’ll talk about the magazine another time.  Then I rode over to Weber’s to buy Winesap apples and four gallons of cider.  We’ve tried many cider’s and Weber’s is the best.  I also bought cheese bread.

Finally I went to the cemetery.   I put a little heart and a tiny sparkly tree each on Nannie and Pop’s graves.  For my Louie, I had a little Santa and little presents, the same little heart and tree and a gold star.  I told them about the past year’s doings.  When I got in my car, I rode past twice, just to make sure it all looked good.  I made my way over to the office.  I wanted to know where my friend, Ray, was buried.  I had a little heart for him, too.

Oh, my.  That’s all I can say right know.


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