Living in Lower Slower Delaware

We were heading back to our drive after our daily walk when a car turned in and stopped.  He lives next to the little path we take to the river.  He invited us to walk down his driveway instead and sit out on his pier if we want.  He must have driven down the road looking for us because he turned back toward his home when he left us.  It’s just another reason why I love living here. 

Yesterday we walked down his driveway.  It’s a very smooth driveway compared to the gravel path.  I don’t have to watch my feet and use my cane to keep from falling.  The pier is really nice, too.  There are two benches.  It’s like sitting in the middle of the river.  Doug and Gus don’t like the pier.  They both were getting dizzy, so today, I went out on the pier by myself.  The owner was there today and I made certain that he knew how much I appreciated it.

Why I have trouble blogging.

Cora Bora

Cora Bora

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    Yes, but look at what is on your computor! That is very interesting for a cat.

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