I Have One Opera Glove

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I got to the elbow and decided not to go any farther.  I stopped  twenty rows short and made a six row knit1, purl 1 ribbing.  The directions called for a tubular cast off which I didn’t bother with.  It’s like a Kitchener stitch which I can’t stand.  I bound off in rib.  It looks good and still has plenty of give.

I’ve decided to start the next glove at the elbow and work to the fingers.  If I have trouble weaving in the ends, then so be it.  Except for one time when I fell and got a hole in the middle of a glove,  I tend to wear holes in the thumbs and forefingers.  So any repaired fingers will start at the base and end at the tips.  It was interesting making fingers from the top down, but not practical.

Cora in a bowl

Cora in a bowl

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