Knitting in Snow Hill

Since we can’t knit at the bookstore, we went to the yarn shop in Snow Hill.  It took about an hour and a quarter to get there.  I looked around and bought some of those new square needles and a few skeins of yarn.  If it weren’t for group, I wouldn’t go there.  It was a nice shop.  She had good stuff, but it’s not near anything else that would give me a reason to head that way.  My little shadow purse is almost finished so I should have a picture in another day or two. 

Little Olive is adjusting to her new home.  Maude watches her playing.  It’s just a matter of time before she will join in the fun.  Zip is still upset and he is mad at everyone so it will take him longer.  Gus, being the goofy idiot he is, scares the daylights out of Olive.  She has hit him several times.  He doesn’t understand.  All he wants to do is lick her all over.  Friday evening,when the neighbors were over, Paul was holding Olive.  Gus was so upset, he went over to Doug leaned against him and whined.  We all laughed at him which made things worse. 


I took about a dozen pictures before I got this one.

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  1. Christine Says:

    Poor Gus. He probably thinks you got the kitten for him. Our dog thinks the cats are his too. Olive will end up loving the dog.

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