Girls Day Out

I just got back from our semi-annual get together.  As usual, we had a great time.  Pat retired and has joined our little group.  She and I started at the VA on the same day, but she stayed until this year.  I really enjoy these ‘get togethers’ and I’m really happy that Diana always tries to coordinate them for when she knows I’ll be in town.  I’d come anyway, but don’t tell her that.

Carolyn asked if anyone wanted a kitten and I said yes knowing that any kitten from her would be special.  I’ve been wanting another one since The Myuush died last February.  This one is calico and likes to play with other cats.  She sounds perfect to me.  I would have followed Carolyn home, but the kitten belongs to a friend of hers and she has to call her and get approval.  I am leaving here Wednesday or Thursday and I really don’t want to leave without her.  I know little Maude would love her.  Zip’s nose will be out of joint for a while.  I’ll have to tell him that he is still the baby no matter what.  I am not even certain that Elvis would notice. I was so tired last night that I didn’t even knit.  I was “knitted out”.  I went to bed early and woke up at 7AM.

This computer is getting weird again.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

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  1. Christine Says:

    I can hardly wait to see pictures of the new addition! Clapping hands in glee. You must have knit a lot to be knitted all out. I didn’t think that it was possible! 🙂

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