Making Flowers

This is what I have so far.  I’ll make more before I decide.  I like to have plenty to work with and I want to make a bow.  I haven’t decided on a flowerpot yet.  And I still need to work on the back.  I’m not happy with it.  I’m not happy today anyway.  I think I need to kick someone.

I finished all the stupid little wavy pieces this morning.   And I didn’t slice myself once.  Of course, a little blood would add to the stressed look of the fabric.  I still have stars to make, but they are straight lines.  Maybe I’ll sew tomorrow.

Here they are.  The last of this year’s gnats, dying blissfully in apple cider vinegar and dish detergent.  October is gnat month.  I never had this problem where I used to live.  They start showing up in October and I put out they’re treat.

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One Response to “Making Flowers”

  1. Christine Says:

    We get those pesky bugs on the summer. One of them always manages to get into the house where it proceeds to follow me around and fly right in front of my face. They seem to really enjoy it when I am on the computer. It doesn’t matter what you do, they can not be killed.

    Love the flowers.

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