Idiot Dog, Idiot Owner

We were heading out to the horse farm this morning, when we saw this woman with a little dog beside the road.  She had no leash on the dog.  When it saw Gus, it took off after him.  She barely grabbed it in time and she started laughing, saying something about how her dog would tear Gus to shreds if he got to him.  She thought she was being funny.  We were thinking how that dog will probably end up on someones front bumper or trampled by a horse.  They were both pretty brainless.

It was too cold to sit outside so I knit a little inside.  I’ll probably make some more flowers later.  Last night, I made leaves and stems.  I need to dig through my stash for more leftover yarn. 

I got some fabric cut. I am making a little quilt that looks like a flag in the wind.  The directions are stupid and I’ve all ready found a better way to do it.

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  1. Christine Says:

    All dogs are idiots. That is why I walk mine with a leash unless we go to an off leash area.

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