New Header

I’m not sure whether I like this one.  It seems too busy to me.  Maybe I’ll change it to this. 

Now that the weather is getting a little cooler, we sometimes have mornings like this.  I like the fog.  Everything seems different.  When I was young, we used to go camping in Maine.  I liked to walk along the rocks and watch the waves.  I would pretend that I was the only person on the island.  I’d like to go again sometime, maybe with Nancy.  Doug doesn’t like to travel.  It’s hard enough dragging him to the ocean in Delaware.

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One Response to “New Header”

  1. Christine Says:

    I think that you should have the three cats in the header standing in the fog with the creek behind them. Do you think they would be nice kitties and pose for you? Hahaha! I like the header but it is hard to read the printing. Can it be moved lower? I have no idea because I have not made my own header. My daughter made mine.

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