I Almost Put on Long Pants

But I managed to suppress the urge.  I did opt for a long sleeve shirt after our walk this morning.  We had some rain, but we had to turn on the sprinklers when the tide came up.  I jumped to part six on my quilt plan.  It’s definitely more fun than part five.  I”ll get back to it after part six.  Then, it’s on to the binding.  I should also make a label.  I’ve got two I made up for other stuff so maybe I’ll just have to change the date. 

The gloves are growing a finger.  I am really getting good at fixing errors, but those tiny stitches are making me crazy.  A dropped stitch can get lost quickly.  I’m glad I mentioned the changes on the first glove in this blog.  It helps.  I’d like to knit faster.  I can’t get any speed with these tiny needles.  At times, I feel like I have been knitting a whole sweater. 

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  1. Christine Says:

    I have put my shorts away for the year and am taking the fall cloths out. It is very chilly in the mornings and evenings. We haven’t had a hard frost yet but it will happen soon.

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