Quilting Along

We had quite a bit of rain this afternoon.  Is this rainstorm  the remnants of a hurricane also?  This one came rather quickly.  I was sitting out back, happily knitting, when it started to pour.  I have almost finished the contrast band and then it’s on to the dreaded thumb gusset.

I couldn’t decide where to begin on my quilt.  I laid it out flat so that I could get a good overall look at it.  All those diagonal blocks were a bit daunting.  After looking at it for a while, I came up with a plan.  It consists of seven parts.  The main design  is part one through four.  I finished part one last night.  It was the hardest and the most confusing.  I had to stop several times to get my bearings.  Currently, I am half way through part two and it’s easier than part one.  Part three will take a little longer, but should not be as confusing as part one.  Part four should be a piece of cake.  Part five is the inner border.  Part six is the other border which is all half squares and will probably take more time than the inner border.  Part seven is the final binding which will also drive me crazy.

I am sorry for forgetting to include a picture of Mary yesterday.  Thanks Christine.

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One Response to “Quilting Along”

  1. Christine Says:

    She is a shy girl hiding in the trees. 🙂

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