No Cornbread

This has not been a good day.  Yesterday, my doctor called and said that my blood work indicates that my thyroid has improved and he is lowering my dosage.  That’s good news.  This morning, I went to the dentist.  They played with my lower denture and it feels much better.  That’s good news.  This afternoon, my doctor called and said my urine indicates that I have a bladder infection.  That’s bad news.  He said to drink plenty of water and eat two yogurts a day while I am on the antibiotic.  In other words, I won’t be needing a laxative for a while and I best not roam too far from the toilet.  That’s bad news.  When I got the prescription, it said to stay out of the sun.  For crying out loud!  It’s Summer! 

Crape Myrtle on our street

Crape Myrtle on our street



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