A Gold Star to Chris and Nancy

I am so lousy with names.  How do people remember all of them.  Linda can name every plant, bush, flower, tree, etc. in the neighborhood.  It’s disgusting.  I get as far as “daisy-like” if you know what I mean.  My grandfather would be so disappointed in me and he was such a sweet old guy.  Sorry, Pop. 



Here they are finally starting to bloom.  I’m hoping for more colors.  White is kind of boring.

Tuckahue and Geese

Tuckahue and Geese







The tuckahue is starting to die off.  The ducks and geese babies are pretty big now and don’t need it for protection any more.  It’s interesting that comes up shortly before the babies start to hatch and dies when they are big enough to take care of themselves.  God knows what he is doing.


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  1. Christine Says:

    You should get more colors. Johns portulaca is just starting to bloom too. He loves the stuff.

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