Kevin Eleven

Kevin 14

Kevin 14

I can’t call him that anymore.  It was fun when he was little, but now he is 14.  Gad.  My grandson in 14 years old.  No wonder I need false teeth.   I added this picture the next day.  He gets his good looks from his Mother.

Kevin was at Boy Scout camp this past week.  It’s about 15 miles from here and Jenn had to work this morning, so we picked him up.  I opened the back of the van so he could put his stuff in and asked if he had his blue cards.  He needs them to get his badges.  “Yes.  I got my blue cards” he said in the typical monotone of a teenager.  Jenn told me about three times this past week to ask him.  I even told Doug in case I forgot.  I got a call around 10PM.  Kevin couldn’t find his blue cards.  Could I look around?  He had gotten his duffle bag out to get a shower while here and knew the envelope was in the bag at that time.  I opened the back of the van and there it was.  It’s nice to know he is carrying on in his mother’s footsteps.

I took a few pictures of Kevin this afternoon using my new camera.  I haven’t downloaded them yet.  I need to install the software.  I read some of the manual and started playing around with it.  Today was a nice sunny day, a good day for taking pictures.  I am surprised at how light this one is.  It’s easier to hold so I may try taking it down to the horse farm with me.  I think I got some nice pictures of the cats.  I don’t think Gus likes to get his taken.  He keeps showing me his butt or he sticks his nose on the camera and I am pretty tired of dog nose pictures.

I made Chocolate Banana Cake this afternoon.  It was in joyofbaking. com.  I had two bananas that I knew were not going to be eaten and I all ready have three in the freezer.  I wanted to try something different.  The cake is unbelievably good.  The frosting consists of bittersweet chocolate, heavy cream and butter and is also delicious.  It goes in a 9X13 pan which I prefer to layer cakes except Raisin Walnut Spice Cake.  I got out a 9X9 pan and froze half of it.  I know we’ll never get all that eaten before we get sick of it.

I did some sewing while the cakes was cooking.  I am making four of these, but I haven’t decided what to do next.  I gave Jenn the camera case.  She REALLY liked it.

quilt back

quilt back


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