Closing the Toe

toeOK.  So it’s not the best title, but it says it all.  I have been using this closure for about forty years with no problems, not even with a overzealous child.  It’s so simple and it lays flat.  It doesn’t bother tender toes and there are no lumps.

Leave a long end like you do for the dreaded Kitchener stitch.  Your stitches are on two needles ready to be sewn together.  Go to the opposite side from the length of yarn.  Take a third needle or a fine crochet hook.  Pick up a loop from the front needle and a loop from the back needle.  Take the first loop over the second and off the hook or needle. Alternating from front loop to back loop, continue to pick up and loop over until there is one stitch left.  With a blunt needle, thread the length of yarn and take it through that last stitch.  Push the needle through to the inside.  I usually weave the end back and forth across the seam just to be anal.  Enjoy your sock.sock

Does this sock look really long to you?  I’m only a size 7.  Maybe it’s due to the fact that it is so skinny.  The sock is very stretchy and feels great on my foot. 


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  1. Christine Says:

    The ham popovers sound great…and easy, That is the most important thing to me. You are a sock knitting machine. My sweater is just laying there. I am going to forget what I was doing by the time I get back to it. I was going to try to get some gardening done but we just had a downpour. I think I will go and take a nap. It is napping weather.

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