Not Much

I still haven’t taken the time to read all my favorite blogs.  I’m terrible.  It’s too nice out.  And I am so awake today.  Yesterday, I had three cups of coffee and I was still a zombie.  I needed to go to the supermarket, but I decided on the local vegetable stand first.  I got peas, tomatoes, little red potatoes, strawberries and something else.  I forgot.  They had some nice looking daylillies.  Doug has had a cold and is still feeling pooky, so I’ll wait until he is feeling better before I buy.  I could plant them myself, but he would gripe at me the whole time.  It’s kind of his thing.  There was nothing exciting at the supermarket.  I crashed around four o’clock so I finished my sock.  It said to finish the toe with Kitchener stitch which I never could master.  Maybe being left-handed has something to do with it.  I don’t know and I really don’t care.  Years ago, I figured out another finish that is very tidy and looks good. new baby

We have a new baby.  I was surprised to see this.  And, it’s their only one.  They have been around every day this week.  big babies






All the other babies are almost as big as their parents.  Some are even getting their tail feathers.  

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  1. Christine Says:

    I’m so behind with house work and yard work but it is still somewhat unsettled and dreary weather wise. It is hard to get motivated. Good thing your geese stay year round. That little one would maybe to small to make the big trip in the fall.

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