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I found face wash and face cream that I can use at Rite Aid.  I am so glad.  I was almost out.  It’s Booths.  Walmart stopped carrying Booths which I found most aggravating.  I had a go to the bank and I thought that since it was on the way, I’d have a look.   I also discovered that St. Ives doesn’t animal test, but they don’t have face cream or cleanser.  I went on line, but the Booths website was down for some reason.  I found another site called Kiss My Face which looked promising.  They have a trial size package which I’ll probably get.  Well, I’ve got to run.  Here’s some pictures to entertain you. sleevessox

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  1. Christine Says:

    Kiss My Face have great products. I have to go to the health food store to get it but it is worth while.

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