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I counted out my four patches and put them in neat little piles.  I have one of those plastic rulers that is 3 1/2 inches square and I decided that they are close enough.  Quilting is so different from dressmaking.  Since each clue  is two weeks apart, I can do something else this week.  I need to do some sewing on my blue sweatshirt and some mending.  I also have to finish my St. Valentine’s Day table runner.  By then, it will be time for clue #2. 

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is four weeks away.  Even though I don’t buy much anymore, I still enjoy going.  I always buy a pin from Liz Printz and soap from Penn Oak.  There aren’t any interesting classes this year so that’s one less thing to spend my money on.  I have a vest kit from Shelridge Farm and I thought I might try to get enough extra to make it into a sweater.  Buffy is nice.  I am sure she will help me, but I will wait until Sunday to talk to her.  That place is such a zoo on Saturday.  I don’t know yet if I will even go on Saturday.  Maybe I will remember my camera this year. 

Today was one of those awful rainy days.  There were very few people at knitting group this afternoon.  Maude and Zip kept running in and out all day.


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  1. Christine Says:

    It looks like you accomplished a lot with all your squares. LOL That would have taken me a year! I would love to go to a sheep and wool festival. We have nothing like that around here.

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