Summer Socks

  I don’t go barefoot or sockless.  I don’t wear flip-flops and seldom wear sandals.  I can’t stand to get sand between my toes. This peninsula is just a big sand pile so I’m screwed.  I keep my feet covered which is sad because I love pedicures.  Nobody gets to see them and they are pretty.  So I make socks.

  I love these colors.  I don’t think I have anything that they won’t match.  These are cotton so they are four stitches bigger at the ankle than at the foot.  I should be finished with these tomorrow.

Next is Jaipur from Katia.  It is mercerized cotton.  I’ve made socks with it before and I love it.   The label says to use size 2-7 which is ridiculous.  I’ll use 0 or 00.  I used 00’s before and I liked the results.  The only trouble is I don’t know where they are, so these may be done on 0’s.

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